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Marios Pampakas

Head of Corporate & Administration


[email protected]

T: +357 25258925


Company Formation & Management - CYPRUS

Our qualified and experienced team will assist you to form and register a Cyprus company for the fullfilment of your needs and intentions in the most efficient and timely way. In this respect, we have developed the necessary knowledge and mechnisms to support these companies assuring compliance with Cyprus economic substance and the application of relevant double tax treaties.


For Cyprus we provide the following formation and management services:


  • Incorporation of companies, partnerships and other entities tailored to your particular needs and intentions, including drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association and any relevant agreements (i.e. Partnership agreements)

  • Provision of representation services (nominee shareholders)

  • Acting as executive and non-executive directors (compliance with new regulations on economic substance)

  • Acting as the company secretary, providing secretarial/ administration services to the Cyprus company (keeping and updating company's registry, preparation of minutes, changes to the Registrar of Companies, documents Certfication and Legalization in Cyprus and issuing of new Corporate and Shareholder certificates)

  • Provision of management services to the Cyprus Company (accounting, annual tax compliance services, annual compliance with Registrar of Companies requirements, drafting and reviewing of shareholders', directors' and other services or loan agreeements)

  • Provison of registered address to be used as company's business address or fully serviced office solutions (compliance with new regulations on economic substance)

  • Providing proper tax planning and advice solutions

  • Liaison with Company's auditors for the preparation of audited financial statements


Contact us to support you in formation and management of a Cyprus Company and for our schedule of fees.


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