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Marios Pampakas

Head of Corporate & Administration


[email protected]

T: +357 25258925


Why Cyprus?

Since its accession to the European Union in 2004, Cyprus has evolved to one of the world’s foremost tax jurisdictions.  The privilege geographical location along with its advantageous low tax regime and extensive network of double tax treaties have established Cyprus as the world’s economic bridge between North and South, East and West.


The use of the English language as the business language in Cyprus and the quality of the workforce (mostly UK educated and regulated under UK professional bodies) in professional firms are boosting the ease of conducting business in Cyprus.


Cyprus is maintaining a flexible and appropriate corporate and trust legal system easing the procedures for the setting up and operating of a Cyprus company and/ or a Cyprus Trust. Its effective tax system is providing zero tax on dividends income, zero tax on withholding tax for non-tax residents, zero capital gain tax on the disposal of shares and 12.5% trading tax on companies’ normal commercial activities.


Least but not last, in comparison with other EU jurisdictions (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands) Cyprus is one of the cheapest places in the EU for the provision of professional services (corporate and formation services, fiduciary services, accounting and auditing services, establishing of international trusts, legal services).


International business activities and uses of a Cyprus Company:


  • Holding companies (receiving dividends from foreign subsidiaries)

  • Financial Services (Investment banking, brokerage, asset management, etc)

  • Investment Funds registration

  • International trading (as an intermediary to re-invoice exports and imports)

  • International services companies (re-invoice services through an international company)

  • International construction and engineering companies

  • International transport/ distribution companies

  • Royalty companies

  • Real estate companies

  • Shipping and ship management companies

  • Commission agents

  • E-business

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